Are all logo prints the same?

You’ve probably seen different Makeup Brushes and noticed that the print of the logo looks a little different. There are several different types of print options available. The look of each one is slightly different and it comes down to preference as to which one is chosen.

The most common print style is a Pad Print. This is where a stamp is made with the logo or text to be printed. This stamp is dipped into ink and then stamped onto a brush handle. Any colour can be used and this method allows for multiple colours to be used if required.

Another common printing method is called a Hot Stamp. This is where a pre-prepared ink or foil is made and then transferred onto the brush handle surface using a type of iron press that gets to a very high temperature. For logos that need that gold or silver high shine, this printing method gives great results.

Often, we make objects that are of good size and the print needs to wrap around much of the circumference. For this, a Silk Screen print is used. The logo and text are prepared and then rolled onto the surface it is to stick to. It’s a more expensive print method but provides a nice finish on a rounded surface.

Anodized printing is also a popular print method. It is essentially used on metal surfaces and is extremely long lasting. It created a beautiful metallic effect on the product it is used on. It can also be used when wanting to print onto the metal ferrule.

A final way to print a logo on a brush is by laser print. This method essentially engraves the logo into the material. It is used on metallic surfaces. It looks great when done correctly but is restricted in that the print cannot be coloured.

Brush Creation work with all our clients to select the best type of print for the requirements at hand. The options we have, provide each client with ways to uniquely customise their makeup brush sets.

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