Are all makeup brushes the same?

We see makeup brushes in store that are sold at all sorts of prices. From high, to low. What sets them apart? Besides a brand name, a discussion for another time, there are other features of a brush that influences their price.

A brush head can either be made from a synthetic material (normally a plastic nylon type material) or from natural animal hair. Generally, natural hair is the more expensive option. It takes much more work to produce for obvious reasons. Its advantages can be in the softer feel and the fact that it contains minor notches and groves down the strand of hair. These imperfections help in its ability to pick up makeup and hold onto it more effectively, which the user often appreciates.

Also, with a brush head, the size of it will make a big difference. The larger the size, the more material that needs to go into it – leading to a more expensive brush. You will find that the large powder brushes are more expensive than the blush brushes made from the same material.

The metal ferrule material can also make a difference. The ferrule is made either with Aluminium or Brass. Brass is a more expensive material and if used, will push the price of the brush upwards but generally make it an overall a better-quality brush.

The handle can also play its part. Wood is more luxurious than plastic and often has a higher price, but plastic has many advantages over wood. From simply a design aspect, the type of handle and shape and size of it really makes one brush different on overall look than another.

Finally, the other factor that differs with one brush from another is the workmanship to create that brush. The skill of the workers making each brush and the methods and tools they use to do this, really effects the final brush. This not only effects the look of the brush, but a well-made brush will have a much longer ‘user’ life than a poorly made brush. This extra quality really does make one brush different to the next and normally you will find the more expensive brushes having a better overall quality.

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