Choosing a Brush Handle

How do you handle choosing a handle? Let’s come to grips with this together, so we can get a handle on that situation. But enough of the puns already!

Brush handles essentially come in 3 material types – wood, plastic and metal. The choice of handle comes down to a mixture of personal preference and the type of look and feel wanted. Let‘s explain below.

Wooden handles are the staple. They’ve been used for centuries and offer your brushes a nice feel to them. They usually have a bit of weight to them that provides a nice and balanced brush to work with. Wooden handles are great for smaller orders as they don’t require expensive moulds to be made. They can be painted just about any colour and can be made in almost any size and a number of shapes. Also, they can be made of Bamboo as well, which is desired for its sustainability. Of course, wood can also be left unpainted for that natural wood effect.

Plastic handles provide many options which make them a popular choice. All sorts of shapes and patterns can be made, which give you endless options to create something very unique. Colours are limitless and special effects can be used with a plastic handle. Metal plating can also be used over a plastic handle to give it a metallic look. Plastic handles can also be a little lighter than a wooden handle which can also be an advantage. Plastic handles are also extremely robust. They are difficult to break or damage. The main prohibiting factor for plastic, is that the set-up costs can be large. Often, there will be an existing shape available that requires no set up fees and this is ideal. For those projects that require something specific designed from scratch, plastic moulds need to be made for each shape and size required. If your order quantities are low, this can be a large cost to incur. Of course, if quantities are high, these moulds are easily absorbed into the overall cost of the project.

Metal is the other material type that can be used in a brush handle. It looks fantastic but is usually quite heavy and it is the most expensive option to use. Generally, they are only used on very high-end luxurious brushes.

So how do you decide? Once you know what look is desired, we can assist you with the material options available and the costs of each. You can be assured it will be a job well handled!

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