We provide each of our clients with complete control and interaction throughout the whole design process, from beginning to end. If you already have your own brush design, we can simply recreate it for you.

Step by step, we create the components involved so that you can have your very own custom made brushes for your brand.

Brush Head

Choose the exact size, shape and type of your bristles.

We have a large selection of materials, from a wide range of natural animal hairs to synthetic and vegan options available.


Each ferrule is designed and hand-made to your specific requirements.

Many finishing options are available, including matt, chrome, or painted in your unique brand colour.


All handles are custom shaped and are available in wood, resin or plastic. The handle is where your brand logo and other information about the brush can be printed.

Some handles can be made from recycled or sustainable materials.


Brush Creation can design and manufacture packaging for your brushes and pack them for you. These include all types of brush pouches and containers to PVC and cardboard boxes and displays.

Materials and custom colours, labelling and printing are all custom made and selected for each specific project. We can also arrange for co-packing of our brushes with your packaging supplied to us.