Do I have to go to China to meet my manufacturer?

You want to have a product range made in China, found a manufacturer who says they can do it for you and proceed with an order. Everything seems to be workable online, so do I really need to travel to China to meet my manufacturer? Our advice is unequivocally yes.

It is always advisable to meet your supplier face to face if possible. The culture of China is very people based. The people really do like to know a bit about who they are working for and appreciate the time and cost you spend to go and see them. It shows that you are serious about your work with them and can really help in both parties understanding of each other and the requirements to be met. By going there, you are taken much more seriously as a legitimate business partner and long-term client. This benefits you over the long term.

The other reason to visit your supplier in China is for your own benefit. You really need to check that your goods will be made at that location and that the business is set up as a factory to produce your goods as you expect it to be. You will learn what can and cannot be made in house and get an appreciation for the challenges in production that can be encountered. You may also find easier solutions to technical issues that arise by working together with your manufacturer.

Of course, many people and companies just don’t have the time or the budget to do this. This is where Brush Creation can assist. We spend a lot of time with our suppliers in China, working together with them. We understand what they can do and what they require from us. Because of this, we can ensure good quality production for our clients and provide the reliability that is needed.

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