Going on Google or Alibaba to find a China manufacturer?

We see it a lot. Someone has jumped onto Google or loaded up Alibaba and searched for a manufacturer for the type of item they want to make and contact them. You will most definitely come across many options and people do this all the time. So, what is the risk of doing this?

There are many manufacturers of all items out there and of course many in China. Some will be good, some, not so. We hear stories often of people who have done this but then run into countless issues. Often, money is paid for samples and they are never done correctly. On other occasions, samples are perfect, but the first stock order isn’t anything like the samples. Other issues faced are that repeat orders are nothing like the original order. So, why does it happen?

Of course, there are many reasons but there are some more common ones. Often, many factories you find online can be very new. In some industries, it takes very little equipment to set up a production line and it is quite easy to open a supposed factory. These new factories often lack the experience and technical ‘know how’ to be able to do what they say they do. They may find it difficult to hire and retain skilled staff, which makes their quality a real issue. Many new factories will only hire staff when they have orders to make and this can be very problematic.

Another common issue we see, is that a ‘factory’ is contacted that doesn’t exist. Many people in China work like an agency. They take orders, find a factory to make the orders they get and then supply you. This in itself isn’t a problem however these people may not tell you that they aren’t a factory themselves and act as if they are one. The biggest problem with this, is that they may offer a really good price to have your product made. When it comes to repeating your order for more stock, the original factory used may be too busy to make your order or won’t accept the order at the same price and hence a new factory is used. This then leads to potential errors in product and quality causing the repeat order to be different to the original.

The other major issue we see is that some factories are only interested in the first order. They want your money for one order and are satisfied with that. They can have this attitude as many small businesses may only ever place one order with them. Because of this, they are not incentivised to do the best job possible.

At Brush Creation, we work hard to avoid the pitfalls out there. We spend a lot of time face to face with the factories in China that we use. We also have constant communication with them. We understand their capabilities and their needs. They also get to know us well and understand that we will continue to provide them with ongoing business if they continue to perform for us.

We use several different factories. We do this to give our customers the best products possible. We understand that some manufacturers are better at some types of items compared to others. Often, we can find existing moulds that can be used that will save our client’s money on development. Overall, the experience we have and the knowledge we have provides us with an advantage regarding reliability and quality. This gives our customers what they are wanting and peace of mind to get there.

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