How do I get my products from China to my warehouse?

Your products are made but they are in China, how do you get them? Well, there are several options for this and we are here to assist.

Essentially, there are two methods for shipping – Air Freight and Sea Freight. Generally, Sea Freight will be the cheapest method (dependent on the size of the order to be shipped) but take the most time. Air Freight is quickest but more expensive. We give you the option of either method based on your preference and required time schedule.

So, how do we assist? We have a number of freight companies that we know and trust. If you need assistance with this, we can help you arrange a quotation with these freight forwarders. You can then decide whether to accept or reject the proposals. If you do accept, the contract will be directly with you and the forwarder. We do not take commissions on any freight forwarder bookings.

The other option is to provide your own courier account with an express courier or select your own freight forwarder. We will work with any company you want us to release the goods to for shipping.

No matter which option you select, we will help to co-ordinate your order collection with the freight company and assist with all local paperwork required. Some countries require specific documents prepared and we will work with your freight courier to prepare these.

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