Let’s talk about the quality of Chinese produced products

Often the quality of Chinese goods gets a bad rap. Quality can be variable but there are some reasons why this occurs.

It is a must to ensure that you are using a reputable and reliable factory in China. There are so many to choose from but it is possible to find the ones that really do care about their work. You must do your homework on this, including site visits, to understand who you are working with.

It is of much benefit also, to have a work history with the factory you are using. Factories in China are approached by many people to make goods. These potential clients are looking to place the smallest order size as possible and many never place more than one order. This is a big disincentive for a factory. Small orders don’t earn much profit and sometimes it can cost them money. If they know you will order with them multiple times, they are more likely to take extra good care with your work.

Another factor in quality can be businesses negotiating pricing with their manufacturer. They want the lowest price possible and can put a lot of stress on the factory to achieve this. The factory can feel under a lot of pressure to accept these orders if they are quiet or want to make the customer happy in the hope of continued business. Whilst its always acceptable to negotiate on price, getting down to rock bottom prices can cause all sorts of issues. Often, this will force the factory to save costs just to try and break even. They will look for cheaper raw materials and try and find any cost saving measures possible. This can lead to many things going wrong in production and the resulting product will suffer. The best course of advice is to work on fair prices for all, it will often cost much less, over the long run, in any case.

Brush Creation does our best to produce good quality product whilst achieving fair pricing. We know our suppliers and see them often and we understand the needs of all parties. We have our own in-house methods to check on the quality of stock being produced and believe that products made in China can be of a very high standard.

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