Synthetic / Vegan Hair

Great for avoiding allergies and animal friendly, synthetic fibres are less prone to damage from solvents and are easily cleaned. Synthetic hair is also less absorbent than natural hair fibre, which makes it ideal for use with cream and liquid products. It can be made in any colour and can be used for all brush types, large to small.

Goat Hair

Goat is the most common type of animal hair fibre used in makeup brushes. It is highly effective at grabbing and applying powder makeup. This hair is soft to the touch and can be colour dyed. There are numerous grades of this material that can be used.

Pony Hair

This hair has a cylindrical shape, equal thickness from root to tip. It is durable and strong. Excellent for use in contouring brushes due to its ability to maintain its shape.

Squirrel Hair

The hairs are thin with a pointed tip and a uniform body, with little or no spring. Squirrel hair brushes are good for dry or sensitive skin and they allow the user to deliver soft makeup coverage with a natural result.

Sable Hair

This hair is soft, elastic, resilient and durable. Great for use in colour application and can also be used with liquid and cream makeup.

Badger Hair

Although badgers are native to many parts of the world, China is the main source of badger hair for brush making. The hairs have rough, thick and elastic roots, while the tip is very thin. Ideal for eyebrow brushes and used extensively in men’s shaving brushes.

Boar Hair

These natural bristles are very porous and they pick up more pigment and distribute them evenly. This hair is often used in brow comb brushes.