The process for designing custom makeup brushes

As our brand name stats, Brush Creation go about helping you create your custom makeup brushes. We have several methods that we use to assist you in this process. The methods depend on what you are requiring.

Some customers come to us as they have had a problem or difficulty with a previous brush manufacturer. What they are wanting from us is for their brushes to be made reliably and to a high standard. In this situation, all we need are samples of their current makeup brushes and we can then replicate these brushes to the proper standards.

Other customers want to create something new but are not quite sure what they want to make. In these situations, we get an understanding of what the client is trying to achieve and for what purpose and we have our own range of designs that we can recommend for use. These can still be customised and tweaked to fit the requirements provided.

Another way we can custom design brushes, is by clients showing us what they like. They may provide pictures or samples of other brushes or parts of brushes that appeal to them. It may be the shape of a brush head or a colour of handle etc. From there, we can then custom design the brushes for the client that encompasses the traits that they want and add and adjust what is required to make a unique range for them.

We also have clients come to us that have something completely unique in mind. We can work with these types of projects by understanding what is needed and then working with our designers to put on paper a design that we think will fulfil the objective of the client. From here, we can proceed to 3D mock-ups, mould making if required and then the finished product.

In essence, Brush Creation work with each client in the way that will best achieve the outcome they desire and make the process of custom making brushes as stress free as possible.

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