Why are there Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)?

We’re often asked and queried as to why there are MOQ’s There are a range of factors as to why they exist.

Just about every order for a makeup brush will have something different. Pieces of the brush will vary, from the handle size and shape, ferrule shape and colour and brush hair material and colour. There are many different options and variables in these three items. What this means, is that it is extremely cost prohibitive to store materials for all variants. It would require a lot of capital to do so and it would still be likely that something isn’t catered for. It’s not a cost a China manufacturer can handle and still be charging the type of rates they do for the products.

Because of this, material needs to be ordered specifically for each job. From the Material Supplier’s end, they face the same problems. Each type of material needs to be made from the ground up for each order. Hence, they need to sell a minimum amount of that product to make it worthwhile for them to manufacture.

Whether it be the brush factory or the material supplier, each run of product requires the use of manual labour, setting up a production line and potentially the setting up of machinery. All this takes time and costs money and needs to be paid for by the size of the order being made. Orders also need to cover fixed costs such as rent, wages, taxes and the cost to buy machinery, fixtures and fittings to run a production process. Of course, there needs to be some profit there as well for the manufacturer.

The economics of the operation require MOQs so that all costs can be recovered and for profit to be made.  At Brush Creation, we do our best to ensure that the quantities are as low as possible and have good relationships with our manufacturers to make this happen. We respect the need from our suppliers but also work with our customers to find the best quantity solutions possible.

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