Why do we use different brush factories in China?

As a manufacturing agent, we have the flexibility to provide multiple benefits to our customers. We don’t use just the one manufacturing facility and this allows us to expand what we can offer.

Different factories have their different specialities. For example, some manufacture mainly with Brass Ferrules and we can use those facilities to get the best product at a more competitive price. Many factories have more experience and better setups to handle specific types of items and we can ensure that the product being made best fits the factory we choose to make it.

Many items also have special production methods and require specific labour skills. We have designed specialty items that require engineering skills and ingenuity. We know and understand what each manufacturing company can offer in this space and can select the most appropriate manufacturer.

Another benefit of having access to several production sources, is the fact that we can save our customers thousands of dollars! For example, plastic handles require specific moulds to be made. By using different manufacturing sources, we can often find existing moulds and this means they do not need to be re-created.

With the benefit of using multiple factories, we also ensure the price is always fair and reasonable and keep up with the trends in the industry. Multiple sites give us good access to the best manufacturing options possible and we provide this to our customers.

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