Why use Brush Creation?

The reason we created Brush Creation is to enable you, the people who need their own brand of brushes made, to be able to work with a company that understands your requirements and can deliver quality products on an ongoing basis.

In our discussions with clients, we find many of them at their ‘wits end’ and we hear the same story. They have found a Chinese brush maker online, been in contact with them, worked on their brush project and then something has gone wrong. Sometimes, the samples they want made are never correct, on other occasions the stock arrives that is not to expectation and we also see situations where the first order was great but ongoing orders have been problematic.

What we want to do at Brush Creation, is to make the process easier for you. We do this with our knowledge of the industry and how production works in China. Whilst the company is Hong Kong based, we are ‘Westerners’ and come from Australia. We certainly understand the Western Market, and product expectations.

We also though understand the China side of the equation. We spend a lot of time in China visiting and working with the brush factories that we use. This means that we know how each factory operates and have a good relationship with our suppliers. We have vetted each manufacturer before we use them, which helps to ensure quality and consistency of their work. They also know we are going to keep providing them with work and that is a great incentive for them to work to the best of their ability to keep us and our customers satisfied.

Our goals for Brush Creation are to be able to work with each individual client to create their unique product and product range and be a company that can reliably achieve the best manufacturing results possible. We have thorough experience making brushes and related products and enjoy satisfying our customers by meeting their needs.

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